Create your QR Code

  1. Choose

    Select the type of content (URL, WiFi, WhatsApp...) you want from the tabs at the top of the QR Code generator

  2. Fill

    Enter all the data that will be shown when reading your QR Code. Make sure everything is filled in correctly.

  3. Generate

    Click on the "Generate" button to create your QR Code. Scan to test to see if it's working as expected

  4. Download

    All ready! Now you can save your QR Code as an image (PNG or JPG) or in vector format for printing (SVG)

The QR Code Generator is Easy and 100% Free

Unlimited scans, for life

In QRPlus you have no limitations. All QR Codes generated here will work forever, do not expire and do not have read limits like other generators on the web. The QR Codes generated are static, so you will always get the same reading result.

Also free for Commercial use

Do not worry! All QR Codes generated here are 100% free and can be used for whatever you want at no additional cost. This includes all commercial and even printing purposes.

High resolution for printing

QRPlus provides print quality images at high resolution. By creating your QR Code here you can save it as a PNG or JPG image and also in vector format (SVG) to get the best possible quality when printing. We recommend vector format to have a perfect print result and it can be used in all modern graphics software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code (an acronym for Quick Response Code) is a type of modern barcode which can store different types of content and can be easily read or scanned using any camera phone. Learn more at Wikipedia.

Yes, all images generated by QRPlus are free and can be used for whatever you want.

No. They don't expire and will work forever! QR Codes generated by QRPlus are static, meaning their content cannot be changed either.

There is no limit and the QR Code generated here will work forever. Read / scan them as often as you like!

Need more features?

Discover the professional platform to manage, track and create dynamic QR Codes with advanced features.



Change the content of generated QR Codes at any time.


Follow, track, and get information from reading QR Codes.


Personalize your QR Codes with your face, your colors and your logo.