QR Plus: The Best Free Alternative to

Discover how QR Plus surpasses with its variety of QR Codes (including PIX), advanced customization, total transparency, and free lifetime access. Ideal for business and personal use.

09 January/2024
Imagem de QR Plus: The Best Free Alternative to

In today’s digital world, QR Codes have become an indispensable tool for connecting the physical to the digital quickly and efficiently.

Among the platforms offering QR Code creation, QR Plus stands out as a free and superior alternative to the popular

In this blog, we will explore how QR Plus outperforms its competitor in several crucial aspects.

Variety of QR Code Types offers QR Codes for URL, vCard, WiFi, and many others. However, QR Plus raises the bar by offering not only all these types but also the innovative option of QR Code for PIX, essential in today’s Brazil.

This functionality significantly broadens the range of utilities, especially for businesses and financial transactions, making QR Plus a more versatile choice for various users.

Customization and Design

While allows customization of QR Codes with colors and frames, QR Plus goes further, offering much greater customization freedom.

Users can create unique designs, choosing from a wide range of gradient colors, shapes, logos, and even the possibility of changing the shapes of the QR Code eyes.

This flexibility allows brands and individuals to create QR Codes that align perfectly with their visual identity, providing a more integrated and professional experience.

Transparency and Honesty in the Offer

A critical aspect where QR Plus excels is in the transparency and honesty of its offer.

Unlike many services that offer trial periods which, without warning, convert into charges, QR Plus is clear in its proposal: a free service, with no tricks or hidden costs.

This honest approach builds a trust relationship with users, ensuring they know exactly what to expect from the service.

If you need additional resources, we offer QR Plus PRO.

The Advantage of Free Lifetime Access

Finally, one of the biggest differentiators of QR Plus is the free lifetime access to its services.

While offers a trial period, after which it charges for access, QR Plus stands out by ensuring that its resources remain free forever.

This not only makes the platform more accessible to everyone but also offers a significant advantage, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are starting out.


When comparing QR Plus to, it is clear that the Brazilian platform not only matches but in many aspects, surpasses its competitor.

With a wider range of QR Code types, advanced customization options, transparency in the offer, and free lifetime access, QR Plus establishes itself as the superior choice for those looking for an effective and free solution for QR Code creation.