Transform any physical object into digital

By stamping a QR Code on any physical object, you transform it into digital, and facilitate access to the user and also enable you to track it, with statistics and analytical information.

What is QR Code?

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QR stands for Quick Response, it is a type of bar code that can store a multitude of information. The obvious difference between a QR Code and a barcode is their appearance. A QR Code is always square-shaped and contains smaller blocks. A barcode, on the other hand, has vertical bars of different thickness and often accompanied by a serial number.

Difference in appearance between the two types of codes: QR Code and Barcode

Difference in appearance between the two types: QR Code and Traditional Barcode

What can a QR Code do?

Due to its versatility, a QR Code can be programmed to do a multitude of things. It can be divided into two formats: Dynamic and Static.

A dynamic QR Code is useful for companies or non-profit organizations in their marketing strategy because of its advantages. Although it needs a QR Plus PRO subscription to function, it's a small price to pay compared to the benefits it offers.

Dynamic QR Code solutions are editable, which means that if you made a mistake and only noticed after the QR Codes were printed, you can easily log in to the dashboard and fix them without having to change the appearance of QR Codes already printed. Other reasons:

  • The lead time for printing is shorter compared to a common campaign. Using a dynamic QR Code, you can add a "dummy" QR Code and change the content later.
  • Typing errors are inevitable. There are thousands of horror stories about how they only detected an error after the QR Code was printed on hundreds and thousands of business cards, flyers or flyers, resulting in high reprint costs. With a Dynamic QR Code, you won't even break a sweat.
  • Changing the direction of your campaign and thinking it's too late? Not with Dynamic QR Codes. If you've printed a QR Code with the goal of getting more likes on Facebook and decided you need to get customer feedback, no problem. Just change the QR Code content on the dashboard and you're ready to go. Need to change again? With QR Plus PRO you can do this as many times as you like during your active subscription period.

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What are the main differences between these two types: Dynamic and Static QR Codes?

Dynamic QR Codes can be edited even after they have been printed. This means that you will be able to change the functionality and content of a Dynamic QR Code, as often and as often as you like. Dynamic codes use a short URL that redirects the user to the landing page.

This QR code offers many advantages, such as seeing statistics including the number of scans, the date, time and location of a scan, as well as the operating system and device that was used to scan the qr code.

Static QR Codes cannot be edited and does not offer the option to view scan statistics.

Dynamic QR Code has a short URL (* or*) and shows how many scans the qr code has received. There is also the option to view scan statistics. The QR Code Static is, as the name says, Static/untraceable and does not show any scan information.

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